Last year I wrote a short piece about fireworks and, of course, nothing has changed. This year I wore ear buds to listen to the radio and my highest rated ear defenders over the top of the buds. Incredibly, I could still hear some fireworks (although, thankfully, most of the noise was eliminated).

On the UK and Parliament petition website there is a petition calling for a ‘ban the sale of fireworks to the public. Displays for licenced venues only.‘ The petition has nearly reached A QUARTER OF A MILLION signatures. Please sign the petition and help us make a step forward in this area. Thank you.


Please Help Save the Nightingales of Lodge Hill

Once again Medway Council is trying to destroy an SSSI, along with the beautiful-sounding nightingales, by having a housing development built. If the development goes ahead, no SSSI will be safe from development.

Please help save Lodge Hill and the nightingales:

Thank you.