Mummy Pig is so Happy After Being Reunited With Babies


Six Signs That Your Are Actually a Cat

I just could not resist posting the image below. “You are annoyed by 99% of the population” made me laugh out loud, which is unusual. So true!

Please Help Save the Nightingales of Lodge Hill

Once again Medway Council is trying to destroy an SSSI, along with the beautiful-sounding nightingales, by having a housing development built. If the development goes ahead, no SSSI will be safe from development.

Please help save Lodge Hill and the nightingales:

Thank you.

Autism Sensory Issues

Hopefully, the video below will help people without autism (neurotypicals) begin to understand the noise assault that people like the lady in the video and myself have to suffer every day.

It used to be that you could count on Sunday afternoon being quiet but that stopped a long time ago. It used to be that libraries were places of quiet but that also stopped some time ago (indeed, my local library hosts a toddlers group Friday mornings). So neurotypicals (as a group rather than every individual) were not satisfied with 6.5 noise inflicting days out of 7 and so they had to have 7 noise inflicting days out of 7. It seems that neurotypicals (again, as a group rather than every individual) found libraries too quiet and so had to change that environment to suit them. Apathy, ignorance, both?

Action Alert: Independent Welfare Body to Protect Racehorses

Animal Aid has launched a petition calling on the UK government to create a new independent welfare body to protect racehorses from abuse and death. Please sign the petition and help spread the word. Thank you.

UK Racehorse Deaths – An Update

2007: 135
2008: 184
2009: 154
2010: 145
2011: 157
2012: 144
2013: 131
2014: 163
2015: 124
2016: 136
2017: 160
2018: 14
Total: 1,647 (in 3,987 days)

A racehorse dies every 2.4 days.

(Source: Racehorse Death Watch – the data collection started on 13th March 2007; data correct as at 9th February 2018.)