Insecticide Implicated in Bee Decline

The conclusion from recent research looking at the long-term effects of a commonly used class of insecticides is that honeybees, bumblebees and many other insects are being slowly poisoned to death because small doses of the toxic chemicals accumulate over time; in other words, there is no safe level of exposure.

Even small doses of insecticide over a short time period can cause serious problems. At low doses, insects have been observed to become disorientated and less co-ordinated in their movements, making them easier prey for predators. Sub-lethal effects such as this weaken the insect; they particularly jeopardize social insects, which depend on the entire colony being healthy for survival.

Henk Tennekes, a researcher at Experimental Toxicology Services in the Netherlands, believes “these insecticides need to be replaced by less long-lived alternatives that are less toxic to honeybees and less prone to leaching.”

“Less toxic to honeybees” still means toxic.  I would suggest we need to work with nature rather trying to battle against her.


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