Action Alert: Tanzania’s Proposed Serengeti Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

Incredible as it may seem, the Tanzanian government plans to build a major commercial highway through Serengeti National Park.

Wildebeest Migration

This wildebeest photo was taken on 31st May, 2010 - not far from this spot there are survey ribbons hanging on trees, marking the road's route. (Courtesy: Stop the Serengeti Highway)

The web site, a portal from the superb Ecological Internet, has created a straight forward, easy action page for citizens of the world to make their objections heard.  Please help save the Serengeti National Park and take a few minutes to make your voice heard.  Thank you.

The Ecologist has a report about this obscene plan which you may like to read.  The Stop the Serengeti Highway page is also worth visiting.

Finally, please spread the word about the Tanzanian government’s plan and the action alert.


6 thoughts on “Action Alert: Tanzania’s Proposed Serengeti Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

  1. Serengeti Watch has reported the Tanzanian Minister of Transport, Mr. Omar Nundu, has again stated that the proposed new railway line will not affect the Serengeti – this information was included in their e-mail newsletter dated 8th January 2012; the e-mail also included a link to an article titled ‘Great Lakes rail link to circumvent the Serengeti’:

    Fighting for Hope Author

  2. A legal case was filed last year by the Africa Network for Animal Welfare , a Kenya nonprofit organization, challenging the Tanzanian government’s decision to build a highway across the Serengeti National Park. On 15th March 2012, the East African Court of Justice ruled against objections by the Tanzanian government and decided the legal action against a proposed commercial highway across the Serengeti could proceed to a full trial. A date for the trial has not been set.

    Fighting for Hope Author

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