Dolphins Learn to Walk Just For Fun

When I read that studies in Australia by WDCS have revealed an increasing number of dolphins in the wild are teaching themselves to “walk”, I was surprised and intrigued.

Adelaide’s Port River dolphins in Australia have been observed for the past 24 years and two adult female dolphins, Billie and Wave, have been documented tail walking; it seems that tail walking is now spreading through the Port River dolphin community with four other individuals having been seen perfecting their “walking” techniques.

Tail walking is very rare in the wild and in thousands of hours of observation only one other dolphin has ever been observed tail walking in the Port River and then only once. The Port Adelaide dolphins are now tail walking many times each day.

It appears that tail walking has no practical function and is performed just for fun – akin to human dancing or gymnastics.

Please read the WDCS article for further details.


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