An Interview With Alternative Nobel Prize Winner Raul Montenegro

The Ecologist has published an interview with Argentinian academic and activist Raul Montenegro and he talks about why indigenous people hold the keys to survival, why GM technologies only profit big business and how nuclear power ignores the rights of future generations.

An interesting read and I particularly liked his comment about nuclear power:

“Nuclear energy is basically a nonsense technology. Any technology needs to be evaluated in terms of long-term sustainability. Nuclear is the most totalitarian kind of energy because you are making decisions for people who have not been consulted – people who are not yet born. The decision making of the last 50 years has produced risk for generations that will live in the same country in the coming centuries. Some countries, such as France, have not just their own nuclear waste but also facilities for other countries to dispose of their waste. On the nonsense scale of one to ten, this is ten.”


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