Free West Papua Campaign

Wednesday, 1st December is West Papua Independence Day so I thought I would write a short blog, following on from my piece back in September, and visited the Free West Papua Campaign site to be greeted by this:

West Papua Flag

Our Website is temporarily offline due to a DDoS cyber attack by those that want to hide the truth about Village Burnings and Torture in West Papua.

We suspect that the DDos cyber attack has been launched by the Indonesian Government and/or its allies.

For background information on the DDoS cyber attack on this website look here and here.

We are re-engineering out site hope to be back online shortly. In the meantime please visit our official pages at:




You can also Google “free west papua” or “papua merdeka” for many other news sources about West Papua

Attempts to silence the West Papuan independence movement will never succeed, and will simply make us all the more determined to increase our activities towards the goal of a FREE WEST PAPUA

Many thanks to all those who have given us free technical advice and help and to all those who have donated time and money to help us overcome this criminal action and censorship.


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