Action Alert: Free Tony the Tiger from His Truck Stop Cage

Tony the TigerToday I received this e-mail from Care2:

Tony the Tiger has lived for 10 years in a chain link and concrete enclosure at a truck stop in Louisiana.

But Tony isn’t living, he’s suffering. »

At the truck stop, Tony is subjected to constant harassment, noise, flood lights, and exhaust fumes in a space no bigger than a couple parking spots.

Tony’s owner is allowed to keep Tony in such inhumane conditions because the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) gave him a permit to do so. Tony serves as a truck stop attraction, and his only protection is a cage and a sign asking people not to throw things at him.

Help free Tony.

Tell the LDWF not to renew the permit that keeps him at the truck stop. »

What justification is there for treating such a magnificent animal in the way described above? Please take a couple of minutes to the sign the petition. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Action Alert: Free Tony the Tiger from His Truck Stop Cage

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