Pulp and Paper Industry Still Damaging Key Tiger Territory

The WWF reports that one of the world’s largest paper suppliers is still clear-cutting the rainforest of Indonesia’s Sumatra island, a habitat critical to the survival of the tiger.

The report states that environmental conservation group Eyes on the Forest found that in the dense natural forests of the Bukit Tigapuluh, landscape companies affiliated with the Asia Pulp & Paper/Sinar Mas Group (APP/SMG) have sought out selective logging concessions.

The companies reportedly obtained government licenses to switch the forest status to industrial timber plantation concessions –  this allows for clear-cutting and planting of commercial plantations, destroying the home of local tigers and other endangered species.

“Our investigation found that in the last six years, the company in this landscape alone contributed to the loss of about 60,000 hectares of forest without appropriate professional assessments or stakeholder consultation,” said Susanto Kurniawan of the environmental conservation group Eyes on the Forest.

Bukit Tigapuluh has about 320,000 hectares of natural forest and harbours about 30 of the 300 Sumatran tigers surviving on the island. The area has also been deemed one of 20 landscapes critical to the long-term survival of tigers.

A full report can be found on the Eyes on the Forest web site


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