Chinese Weather Manipulation Experiments to Increase

RedOrbit reports that China is to increase efforts to control the weather and that they intend to try to use technology to reduce natural disasters and combat droughts.

Zheng Guoguang, the director of the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), has told Xinhua reporters, “By the mid 21st century, China will be a country short of water, with a per capita water source of 1,700 cubic metres thus we need to control the weather.”

That is flawed reasoning.

We need to learn to work within nature’s limits.  The approach China should be taking is one of water conservation, reducing the demand for water, etc.

We do not understand the climate well enough to manipulate (geo-engineer) the weather; to quote Dr. Glen Barry of Ecological Internet (answering a question about how to stave off ecological collapse):

First of all, we have to completely put aside any idea that we are going to geo-engineer a biosphere. Discussions of geo-engineering are dangerous, distract from the immediate social and personal changes that need to be made, and are frankly more of the technology that has caused the problem in the first place.

We can’t even keep the invasive zebra mussels out of the Great Lakes and now we are going to engineer a biosphere? We’re going to engineer the system that makes life habitable for all of us? It’s just nonsense and it’s dangerous.

China needs to take note that their experiments may have unforeseen outcomes and impact other nations.

I do not take comfort from the fact that “Persons engaged in weather modification operations may not implement such operations until they have received training and passed the exams organized by the competent meteorological departments of provinces, autonomous regions, or municipalities directly under the Central Government.”

That quote has not been made up – it has been taken from the CMA’s Regulations on Administration of Weather Modification.


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