International Rabbit Day

RabbitToday, 25th September, is International Rabbit Day and Four Paws has published a free guide with tips on how we can all play our part in helping to protect rabbits from suffering. (7th December 2012: Four Paws has removed the original web pages to which I linked and published a new guide to rabbit welfare.)

This is a summary of the tips:

  1. avoid buying meat from rabbits farmed in cages;
  2. avoid buying products made with angora wool;
  3. if you own or are thinking of bringing a companion rabbit into your life, make sure you know how to provide for your companion’s welfare needs;
  4. ensure your rabbit has a suitable living place;
  5. protect rabbits from illness and injury by providing treatment when needed;
  6. if you are looking to adopt a companion rabbit, consider visiting a rescue centre/shelter;
  7. spread the word about the suffering of rabbits;
  8. ask companies about their policies that affect rabbit welfare; and
  9. ask the government to improve legislation to protect rabbit welfare.

Please also take some time to read my Battery Cage Farmed Rabbits blog.


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