Wrong Planet Syndrome

A superb short essay by Sarah as published in edition 68 of Asperger United.

I know my origins are elsewhere and I must have a purpose for being here but I long to be returned to my home. I see opportunities in the sky but they pass by too far to hear me. Too distant to sense that I am waiting. Unaware that I am in need of assistance, of help to move on, to understand why I am here and what I should be doing.

I am increasingly aware that I see things differently to other people. I notice things they seem blind to. Nuances in life seem to pass others by, where as I am subjected to an overload of feelings and images. Even my dreams are like waking in their vividity. And it hurts. I long for the ignorance, the lack of subtlety that plagues the human world. A release and an end to this bombardment.

But do I? Maybe not. Maybe it is better to be aware. The subtleties in life need to be appreciated, not ignored. Enjoyed not dismissed. I have a gift, perhaps. I should embrace it and be strong. If I can.

So, it seems, the longer I remain here, the more confused I get by the human race. And the more sensitive I am becoming to it. It is difficult to remain without wanting to hide away, to cut myself off from the chaos that pervades all corners of the Earth in this time.

I know I am not alone on this world, though it feels like I am so much of the time. There are others like me. We may be legion. I hope we are.

As far away as it may be, in time and in space, I still hope for the chance to go home.

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