Action Alert: Please Help Save Yupi the Polar Bear

Yupi, a female polar bear, was brought from the wilds of Alaska to Morelia Zoo in Mexico in 1992 after her mother was killed.

When Yupi arrived at the zoo, she was placed in a former grizzly bear pen and she still lives in the same enclosure.  The enclosure is very small and the surface is made entirely of concrete: there are no soft surfaces to walk on or lie in. Yupi is also held in a small holding pen, which has no natural lighting, for about 17 hours every day.

Polar bears require large spaces and a complex natural terrain, giving them choice and control over their daily lives.

Morelia Zoo is located in the central part of Mexico and Yupi is exposed to a tropical climate, with temperatures remaining high throughout the year.  Contrast that with her natural environment in Alaska.

Polar bears are not adapted to live in hot climates: under the thick fur, their skin is black, facilitating the retention of heat from the sun, and they are equipped with a layer of blubber to help maintain their body temperature.

Please help save Yupi and sign the petition to the Director of Morelia Zoo, the Municipal Mayor and the Governor of Michoacan, Mexico.  Thank you.

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