Action Alert: Four Paws has Initiated a Large-Scale Online Protest

Four Paws recently cancelled a contract signing, for a project helping stray dogs, with the mayor of Kharkiv.

Four Paws - Kharkiv Stray Dog Project The cancellation was due to the Kharkiv local authority wanting to alter substantially the content of the contract.  Representatives of Kiev, Lemberg, Zaporozhye, and Donetsk have already signed contracts containing the same content as the the one which was meant to be signed with Kharkiv.

Four Paws believes the requested changes will mean that neither the proper implementation of the project nor a clear commitment by the local authority to stop the dog killings would have been guaranteed.

Four Paws is hoping the Kharkiv local authority will reconsider its decision and is ready to cooperate with Kharkiv. Other cities have shown how well received the project has been by local people, as well as the local authorities, and how effectively humane solutions for stray dogs can be implemented in Ukraine.

Four Paws has launched a large-scale online protest urging the Kharkiv local authority to accept Four Paws’ conditions for the stray dog project.  Please show your support.  Thank you.


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