Cheetah Conservation Fund – “J” is for Jackal

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is based in Namibia (which has the world’s largest and healthiest cheetah population) and works to:

  • create and manage long-term conservation strategies for the cheetah throughout their range;
  • develop and implement better livestock management practices, eliminating the need for ranchers to kill so many cheetah;
  • conduct conservation education programs for local villagers, ranchers and school children; and
  • continue intensive scientific research in cheetah genetics, biology and species survival.

CCF maintains a network of cameras positioned for ongoing monitoring of the wildlife on their land and they capture images of a number of different species.  Every Monday, CCF publishes a blog relating to the one of the images and the animal featured in the posting for 10th September is the jackal.

Cheetah Conservation Fund Blog - "J" is for Jackal

Cheetah Conservation Fund Blog – “J” is for Jackal

The posting is a fascinating read.  I did not know, for example, that “The jackal is the most heavily persecuted carnivore in Southern Africa and has been relentlessly hunted, trapped and poisoned for decades.”  Apparently, and fortunately, jackals are extremely clever animals “and seem capable of surviving almost any amount of human hostility, while continuing to prey on small-stock species such as sheep and goats.”

I find the regular postings about other animals help place cheetahs in context of their environment.

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