Military Research on Animals

The BUAV has published recently a news item concerning military research on nearly 10,000 animals at the Porton Down, Wiltshire research establishment in 2011.

The number of experiments carried out at Porton Down has risen each year for the past three years. Nearly half of these experiments were categorised as causing “substantial” suffering.

Research papers reveal that animals – including monkeys, pigs, rabbits, and mice – have been blown up or exposed to lethal chemical warfare or nerve agents or infected with the agents which cause anthrax or the bubonic plague.

The BUAV is calling for an end to the cruel use of animals in warfare experiments.

3 thoughts on “Military Research on Animals

  1. This is medical experimentation and it is lacking the fact of human experimentation. The victimizing of soldiers with Agent Orange is one of several. Spraying fluoride in the air and pouring into water supply when it is a know cancer causing agent, etc.

    But hey, put out that smoke.

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