Cheetah Cubs Still Alive

Earlier this month, the Iranian cheetah Society reported that the only confirmed Asiatic cheetah cubs in Iran during 2012 are still alive.

The successful rising of three juveniles to their second year has been possible due to recent enhanced protection measures put in place by the Norkh Khorasan Department of Environment (DoE). The gazelle population has reached more than 600, twice the population size of the early 2000s.

Camera trapping during winter 2012-2013 was stopped due to presence of livestock, however, the Iranian Cheetah Society and DoE are re-establishing the monitoring program by equipping all the water sources with digital camera traps.  By catching proper shots of the young cheetahs, a national photo ID for each individual can be obtained and this will help scientists to check if the cheetahs are photographed in the same, or other, areas.

The Cheetah Family in Summer 2012

The Cheetah Family in Summer 2012


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