The Magpie

Today’s posting is a short poem I wrote last year.

The Magpie

The magpie: a scavenger
And a noisy chatterer
And the songbirds’ foe,
Or so some people say.

I care not it scavenges,
For that is nature’s wish,
Or that it cannot sing,
Though that is a shame.

The feathers of black
And white—so restful;
Thus I like the magpie,
The vilified bird.

But it is no songbird foe:
That discredit is ours
For we poison their food
And destroy their habitat.


5 thoughts on “The Magpie

  1. When I was younger I was not especially found od Magpies because they used to eat the small birds.
    But, but I was wrong! The magpies are the small birds friend because they warn like other corvids small birds of danger with their screams!

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