RSPCA Release a List of the Silliest Calls in a Bid to Discourage Time Wasters

The number of telephone calls to the RSPCA’s 24-hour cruelty telephone line has risen by 65 per cent since last January. Calls about stubborn cats, mythical creatures, and birds on a wire put unnecessary strains on services during the summer at a time when the RSPCA get more calls about dogs in hot cars, animals wounded in airgun incidents, or animals dumped during the holidays.

The silliest calls received so far are:

  • a person who had just seen bigfoot;
  • a person who wanted to know from where to buy a bird noise CD;
  • a person whose car had broken down and said the police advised them to phone the RSPCA –  it was explained the police probably meant the RAC;
  • a woman whose husband would not get out of bed and take the dog for a walk;
  • a person who complained that her cat was not responding to calls to come into the house;
  • a person wanted the RSPCA to go out and teach her dog the green cross code;
  • a person who said a bird was sitting on a telegraph line;
  • a person who was watching a film where an animal had been attacked – the film was Call of the Wild starring Charlton Heston and made in 1972; and
  • a person who was angry because she had seen a report which said children were behaving “like animals” – she was disgusted because animals do not behave badly.

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