Action Alert: Please Help End Civert Cat Suffering


Civet coffee, or Kopi Luwak as it is known in Indonesia, is one of the world’s most expensive drinks, selling for up to £60 ($100) per cup, and is made from coffee beans which have been partially digested then excreted by small cat-like mammals known as civets.

Despite a long history of “cage-free” civet coffee (a method believed to produce the most superior tasting civet coffee), evidence suggests the number of civet farms has increased to meet the growing global demand of the beverage.  In parts of South East Asia, civets are cruelly captured from the wild using methods which include box traps and snares.  Many civets are sold directly to commercial civet farm owners whilst others await their fate in noisy, bustling, wildlife markets.

The BBC has shocking footage which shows some of the suffering associated with civet coffee and WSPA is calling on key retailers to:

  1. make a commitment to selling only wild sourced, cage-free civet coffee;
  2. scrutinise their supply chain to ensure their products are 100 percent cage-free; and
  3. support WSPA’s call for a recognised certification scheme.

Please show your support and add your name to the list of people who have taken action.  Thank you.


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