EU Animal Testing Figures

The approximate figures below are from the Seventh Statistical Report by the European Commission which covers data collected by 27 member states for 2011.

  • Total number of animals used: 11,500,000
  • Number of mice used: 7,010,400
  • Number of rats used: 1,605,400
  • Number of cold-blooded animals used: 1,434,050
  • Number of birds used: 676,200
  • Number of rabbits used: 358,800

A significant decrease has been observed in the number of animals used for testing … cosmetics and toiletries where the decrease is from 1,960 [for 2008] to 90 animals. This is important to highlight as there has been a testing ban in the EU for cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients in place since 2009 [my emphasis]. Quote taken from page eight of the report. So why were any animals used for cosmetics testing?


7 thoughts on “EU Animal Testing Figures

  1. If animal experimentation for human benefit, particularly that of an invasive nature, was banned globally for moral reasons (which perhaps it should be) I guess we might not be any the worse off, as we wouldn’t know of any future discoveries we had been denied. Also scientists would be forced to work out other means of making discoveries.

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