Bezoar Goats in Caucasus Wildlife Reserve

Below is a video from the World Land Trust that shows a herd of bezoar goats streaming over an Armenian hillside in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge.  Bezoar goats have been persecuted by hunters and poachers throughout the Caucasus for decades and, since the 1980s, their populations have been steadily declining, however, they are protected in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge.  For further background information, please visit the World Land Trust web site.


3 thoughts on “Bezoar Goats in Caucasus Wildlife Reserve

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  2. They are so beautiful, but as the human population continues to overpopulate the Earth, many of these larger species will continue to go extinct. We need to colonize a barren, desolate planet or the moon and send half of our population out into space so that the Earth can survive.

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