Last week, the Ecologist reported that WildLeaks – “the WikiLeaks for wildlife” – was launched by a group of organisations fighting wildlife crime.

To quote an extract from the WildLeaks project description (with the addition of a link to the Elephant Action League):

WildLeaks is the first, secure, online whistleblower platform dedicated to Wildlife and Forest Crime.

It’s a not-for-profit collaborative project created & funded by the Elephant Action League (EAL) and managed by a small group of very experienced individuals, which includes the directors of environmental investigation NGOs, environmental lawyers, accredited journalists, security professionals and ex-law enforcement officers.

WildLeaks also enjoys the collaboration of several Partners around the world, including environmental organizations, media and experienced professionals. The project is open to new partnership opportunities, and more Partners will join soon. We invite organizations and individuals involved in fighting wildlife crime, and the media, to contact us if they wish to be Partners.

The Mission of WildLeaks is to receive and evaluate anonymous information and tips regarding wildlife and forest crimes and transform them into actionable items.

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