Action Alert: Demand that Unilever Donate Towards Rehabilitation/Care of TV Chimpanzee

This morning I received an e-mail notification from Care2 about a petition to help Choppers, one of the chimpanzees used in television adverts by PG Tips.  I found the story so sad that I had to try to help increase the petition’s number of signatures.

Demand that Unilever, owners of PG Tips, donate towards rehabilitation/care of TV chimpanzee

This is the petition’s overview:

In the 1970s PG Tips ran a series of very successful tv adverts featuring chimpanzees. One of these was Choppers. She is now a greying, lonely and broken 42-year-old chimp who has needed rehabilitation to help her learn to become a chimp again because she had become too humanised whilst making money for PG Tips, a tea company.

Choppers now lives at Twycross Zoo in England. Recently her chimp companion Louis, who had spent all his 37 years with Choppers, died, leaving her sad and bereft.

However, despite all the care and love given by the staff at Twycross to repair this traumatised chimp, Unilever, who own PG Tips, refuses to pay anything towards Choppers’ care.

Choppers was used in advertising over a number of years to make a great deal of money for the tea manufacturers, but now that she needs help they want nothing to do with her.

Please help Choppers by signing the petition and spreading the word. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Action Alert: Demand that Unilever Donate Towards Rehabilitation/Care of TV Chimpanzee

  1. I can see the sadness and pain on her face. She deserves to live the rest of her life in a sanctuary and hopefully making a new best friend. We must educate, share and petition for our cousins to not be tortured and used for our purposes. Thk u 4 reblogging.

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