UK Racehorse Deaths – A Tally

2007: 135
2008: 184
2009: 154
2010: 145
2011: 157
2012: 143
2013: 130
2014: 15
Total: 1,063 (in 2,537 days)

A racehorse dies every 2.4 days.

(Source: Racehorse Death Watch – the data collection started on 13th March 2007; data correct as at 20th February 2014.)


8 thoughts on “UK Racehorse Deaths – A Tally

  1. I never follow horse racing but I can’t remember the issue making news, or being debated, which you would think it would, with those figures.

  2. This is another indicator of the state of the UK’s media which would, for example, rather cover fatuous stories about “celebrities”.

    Whilst an individual racehorse death at a major event may be reported as an aside, the complete story is ignored. If the overall figures were, somehow, to appear in the mainstream media then I hope a serious debate would follow.

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