How Wolves Change Rivers

I came across the video below on the Wolf Conservation Centre web site.  The video shows an excellent example of the interconnectedness of nature.

“What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” Petra Kelly


6 thoughts on “How Wolves Change Rivers

  1. Wonderful video. I also watched a talk by George Monbiot last week when he spoke about this. I love the concept of our interconnectedness with the natural world and I think it makes sense. However, a puzzle was raised, by a friend who is not keen on the idea: what would be lost in relation to the maintenance and flourishing of ecosystems if we were not here?

    • Ecosystems with little or no human presence flourish – unlike those where humans are dominant. The need for ecosystem maintenance by humans invariably indicates a loss to the system caused by humans.

  2. Yes, indeed, thank you for the reply, but, I’m sorry, my question was inadvertantly ambiguous. Basically my colleague’s argument was, I think, that, in her opinion, we cannot consider ourselves part of (or interconnected with) the ecological system as it would get on fine (better in fact) without us. So how do we fit in, as a part, basically, and what would be lost, if anything, if we were not here? And if we do have no, or little, ecological purpose, are we alone in that? (I realise these questions may be impossible to answer, given our current level of knowledge, but it is food for thought). Of course having no ecological purpose does not negate the fact that we damage our own chance of survival, and our own wellbeing, by treating the natural world badly.

    • Given sufficient time, ecosystems would “get on fine” whatever was removed. Humans too often forget they are primates and I would suggest looking at other primates to begin to understand what should be our role in ecosystems.

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