Action Alert: Please Help Save Yasuní

Save Yasuní, the Last Wonder of the Amazon!

Save Yasuní, the Last Wonder of the Amazon!

5 thoughts on “Action Alert: Please Help Save Yasuní

  1. Hmm. While he is right overall, I think President Correa is also attempting to deflect blame from himself and his own government for what he knows is a case of grave ecocide. It was, perhaps, unlikely that rich countries would come up with the kind of sums he demanded, since they don’t even care enough to protect their own sites, which are rich in biodiversity, when money, (or dreams of producing economic growth), is involved; parliamentary approval of HS2 for instance, despite it encroaching on several SSSI designated areas.

    It is indeed, a world problem, however. As long as we continue to depend on fossil fuels, and favour economic growth in (supposedly) furthering social aims (over redistribution), protecting areas as vital as this will be an ongoing battle. Incidentally I noticed that, according to Wikipaedia, Ecuador recognises the rights of nature within their constitution:

    “Ecuador has the first constitution to recognize the rights of nature. The protection of the nation’s biodiversity is an explicit national priority as stated in the National Plan of “Buen Vivir”, or good living, Objective 4, “Guarantee the rights of nature”, Policy 1: “Sustainably conserve and manage the natural heritage, including its land and marine biodiversity, which is considered a strategic sector”.

    It seems the government is over-riding these rights. Perhaps there is still time for people to fight this government decision.

    I wondered what had happened regarding the referendum and it seems that the Ecadorean government rejected the petition, but there may have been government corruption involved.

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