Raise Autism Awareness – Watch and Share This Video

4 thoughts on “Raise Autism Awareness – Watch and Share This Video

  1. Good video. In relation to difficulties with common phrases and metaphors, I believe that, in an ideal world, a neurotypical person should at least try and pay attention to the way they phrase things, in the presence of an autistic person. This is because I think it’s not fair to expect the person with autism to do all the work. I see that as like the English person who goes on holiday to France and expects everyone to speak English.

    However, something that confuses me is whether an effort to do that can be unintentionally patronising. I have read that people with autism often prefer to be treated the same as anyone else, and might find it offensive if they are not. I can totally understand that point of view as well. So, assuming a phrase is so commonly used that the neurotypical meaning is known by the person with autism, is it still best to avoid it; even if that changes the nature/feel of what is being said?

    What I understand from this video is that, even if the phrase is very common, (from this I assume they mean an autistic person, with some life experience, would be likely to know the neurotypical meaning) it can be disorientating.

    • I was fortunate in that we spent whole English lessons on metaphors etc. so I tend not to find them a problem. I do still find certain phrases a problem: please refer to my blog entitled “10 Minutes” ( https://fightingforhope.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/10-minutes/) for an example. I prefer people to avoid metaphors etc.; I doubt I would notice if a person used metaphors etc. when speaking to someone else but avoided them when speaking to me – even if I did notice, I would consider it of no relevance.

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