Fireworks Frighten

The text below is an ethical living news item from Animal Aid’s website. I am in agreement with the final paragraph although, ideally, I would like to see a ban on all fireworks.

* * * *

This Bonfire Night, please spare a thought for the animals and birds who may be terrified by the deafening crashes and blinding flashes. Traumatised dogs are rushed to vets for emergency treatment; sheep can spontaneously abort; horses gallop into fences; and rabbits have been known to die from the shock.

We can minimise the impact by keeping cats and dogs indoors from the afternoon onwards, and bringing rabbits and guinea pigs inside as well (or at least covering their home with a thick blanket to muffle the noise). Also, please check that hedgehogs and other wild animals have not made a home in your bonfire before you light it.

Animal Aid believes that – for the sake of all animals – fireworks should be sold only to organisers of public events and not to individuals wishing to set them off in their gardens or in the street. A ban on sales to the general public would also prevent the terrible cruelties reported every year of vicious individuals deliberately harming animals with fireworks.


4 thoughts on “Fireworks Frighten

  1. Some people are insensitive. Someone burst out laughing when I told her my cat had died. She was run over, many years ago. I didn’t understand her reaction and it made me feel like my feelings were not important. Though apparently people can laugh when they feel anxious or uncomfortable which might be an explanation for laughter at inappropriate times in some cases.

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