UK Racehorse Deaths – An Updated Tally

2007: 135
2008: 184
2009: 154
2010: 145
2011: 157
2012: 143
2013: 131
2014: 161
2015: 22
Total: 1,232 (in 2,901 days)

A racehorse dies every 2.4 days.

(Source: Racehorse Death Watch – the data collection started on 13th March 2007; data correct as at 19th February 2015.)


5 thoughts on “UK Racehorse Deaths – An Updated Tally

  1. Reblogged this on Medway Green Party's Blog and commented:
    Natalie Bennett was challenged by Andrew Marr this morning on an apparent Green Party policy to ban the Grand National. This is not a current Green Party policy. The Green Party instead seeks to improve welfare standards and ban the use of the whip (though there was a motion last conference to ban commercial animal racing which there wasn’t time to debate). Since Andrew Marr appeared scornful of the very idea that the Grand National should be banned I thought worth reblogging this article.


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