Please Help Save the Nightingales of Lodge Hill

Once again Medway Council is trying to destroy an SSSI, along with the beautiful-sounding nightingales, by having a housing development built. If the development goes ahead, no SSSI will be safe from development.

Please help save Lodge Hill and the nightingales:

Thank you.


Action Alert: Independent Welfare Body to Protect Racehorses

Animal Aid has launched a petition calling on the UK government to create a new independent welfare body to protect racehorses from abuse and death. Please sign the petition and help spread the word. Thank you.

Please Help Save Lodge Hill and Stop a Damaging Precedent for all of England’s Protected Places

Once again Medway Council is trying to destroy Lodge Hill, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and one of the last strongholds for nightingales in the UK. The nightingale population has dropped by 90% in only 50 years. The decline of the species is so alarming that nightingales are listed amongst our most threatened birds on the UK Red List.

Please help save Lodge Hill, other SSSIs and the nightingales by taking part in the RSPB’s campaign action. Thank you.


Activate is Born Free’s letter-writing team.

Activate’s team takes action on a variety of animal welfare and conservation issues, both for Born Free and for other animal organisations whose work they support. Every four months, you will receive details about a new challenge and with Born Free’s help send personal letters or e-mails to the relevant decision-makers.

Recent Activate successes include:

  • stopping the export of wild-caught elephants from Borneo to Japan
  • stopping the use of live lion cubs in Disneyland Paris parades
  • stopping the ‘Drunken Monkey’ UK TV adverts using infant chimps
  • stopping the use of lion and tiger cubs for tourist photos in a Spanish theme park
  • stopping Veda the elephant being sent from India to an Armenian zoo
  • stopping the construction of a new oil terminus which would have damaged Siberian tiger habitat

Please visit the Activate web page for further details, including how to become part of the team. Thank you.



Nightingale NightsPlease help to save the UK’s nightingales. The website highlights just how important it is to ensure the survival of every nightingale population—which means no development at Lodge Hill, Chattenden.