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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a central American country which, in the UK, rarely makes the news despite being at the forefront of conservation and environmental management.

The country covers about 0.1% of the world’s land mass but is reputed to contain 5% of the world’s biodiversity.  More than 25% of the country is protected by national parks, reserves, and refuges.  Whilst Botswana has announced it will ban trophy hunting on public lands beginning in 2014 and Zambia has banned any hunting of leopards or lions, Costa Rica has passed a law which bans all sport hunting and trapping both inside and outside protected areas (although subsistence hunting by indigenous people will still be allowed, as will the culling of animals considered to be overpopulated – hopefully there will be no abuse of the latter).

Costa Rica is also mentioned in the TED Talk The Happy Planet Index.

TED Talk – The Happy Planet Index

In the video below, Nic Marks of the New Economics Foundation asks why we measure a nation’s success by its productivity instead of by the happiness and well-being of its people. He also introduces the Happy Planet Index (HPI) which tracks national well-being against resource use – it may surprise you that the country with the highest HPI is… well, please watch the video to find out.