Action Alert: UK Import Bans on Seal Products and Dog and Cat Fur Post-Brexit

Just a quick post to highlight a petition started by Respect for Animals to help ensure the suffering of cats, dogs, and seals does not increase because of the the UK leaving the EU.


Please Help Moderate Online Sales of Pets

I came across the video below on the Cats Protection blog site.

Action Alert: Please Help Fight the Dog Meat Trade

Since 1998, Network for Animals has worked in partnership with animal protection organisations in the Philippines to fight for the end of the country’s brutal dog meat trade.

Please show your support by signing the petition to the Philippines Tourism Secretary. Thank you.

Beagle Freedom Project – Second Rescue

The video below, from the US based Beagle Freedom Project (a service of Animal Rescue, Media & Education, ARME), is almost two years old but still well worth sharing.

Action Alert: Please Help Stop the Testing and Killing of Puppies, Kittens, and Other Young Animals

An eight month investigation at MSD Animal Health by BUAV has revealed the testing of animal vaccines on animals aged between four weeks and six months.  These are the key concerns raised by BUAV:

  • tests were carried out on very young animals (some of the animals – including rabbits, calves, and kittens – were allowed to suffer the full extent of the symptoms of serious and even deadly diseases);
  • the routine killing of puppies from five weeks of age and kittens less than 6 months old (during the investigation, 92 beagle puppies, 10 adult nursing female beagles, at least 15 kittens, and an unknown number of rabbits, calves, and chickens were killed at the facility);
  • puppies were separated from their mothers at a very young age – some just over four weeks old;
  • the killing of healthy female adult beagles (the females were pregnant when delivered to the laboratory – once their puppies were taken away from them for tests, they no longer served a purpose and were routinely killed); and
  • the lack of effort to find homes for those adult and puppy beagles who were no longer required or whose bodies were not required for dissection – instead the dogs were usually killed.

Please sign the petition and help spread the word.  Thank you.