Action Alert: UK Import Bans on Seal Products and Dog and Cat Fur Post-Brexit

Just a quick post to highlight a petition started by Respect for Animals to help ensure the suffering of cats, dogs, and seals does not increase because of the the UK leaving the EU.


Action Alert: Please Help Stop the Transfer of Whale Products Through EU Ports

Action Alert: Please Help the Forgotten Romanian Horses

Please sign the Help the Forgotten Romanian Horses! petition:

“Romanian farmers own two or three horses, which carve a miserable existence throughout their entire life. They are being forced to work and being abused until death. The mentality of the farmers is to leave the animals outside during the cold winter, thirsty and hungry, arguing that a horse who does not work needs no food.
If they can no longer continue to run on from sheer exhaustion, their genitals are often hit or set on fire. As an EU country, Romania must be forced to put a bill through that obliges farmers to vaccinate, deworm, microchip the horses and provide for a reasonable accomodation, if they do not want to comply, they must be prohibited to keep horses. Frequent checks would urge these farmers to treat the horses with more compassion and respect. Animal cruelty should be punished with harsh emprisonment. No horse deserves to have to pull excessive heavy loads while being injured, being neglected, being abused, only to eventually end up in a slaughterhouse.
Please support our petition to make it possible that the terribly tortured horses in Romania get a better life.”

Thank you.

EU Animal Testing Figures

The approximate figures below are from the Seventh Statistical Report by the European Commission which covers data collected by 27 member states for 2011.

  • Total number of animals used: 11,500,000
  • Number of mice used: 7,010,400
  • Number of rats used: 1,605,400
  • Number of cold-blooded animals used: 1,434,050
  • Number of birds used: 676,200
  • Number of rabbits used: 358,800

A significant decrease has been observed in the number of animals used for testing … cosmetics and toiletries where the decrease is from 1,960 [for 2008] to 90 animals. This is important to highlight as there has been a testing ban in the EU for cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients in place since 2009 [my emphasis]. Quote taken from page eight of the report. So why were any animals used for cosmetics testing?

Action Alert: Please Help Stop the Transfer of Whale Products Through EU Ports

The infographic below is from WDC.

Help stop the transfer of whale products through EU ports

WDC Successes 2012 Video

To learn more, please visit the WDC web site.