Action Alert: Please Help Stop the Transfer of Whale Products Through EU Ports

The infographic below is from WDC.

Help stop the transfer of whale products through EU ports


Protection of Pigs

2001: the European Union decided to phase-out the use of individual stalls for pregnant sows (except for the first four weeks of gestation and one week before farrowing).

1st January 2003: sow stalls were banned for newly built or rebuilt holdings.

1st January 2013: all other existing pig farms to be converted to group housing systems.

Given the very lengthy timetable involved, I was appalled to read on the Humane Society International web site that it is likely 14 – Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain – of the 27 EU member states will not meet the 1st January 2013 deadline.

Action Alert: Please Help Free Morgan the Orca

WDCS has launched a campaign to try to ensure Morgan, a young female orca found and stranded in shallow waters off the coast of the Netherlands, is returned to the wild.  Please watch the video below then send an e-mail to show your support for the release of Morgan.  Thank you.