Landmark Ruling: An Orangutan is a ‘Non-Human Person’ With Rights, Says Argentina

From the Care2 website:

One orangutan in Argentina has just done something no other ape has ever done. She has achieved the unprecedented legal status of a “non-human person.” A court has recognized that she has rights and that being kept in a zoo unlawfully deprives her of her freedom.


Action Alert: Saama the Elephant in Desperate Need of Veterinary Care

Wildlife Extra reports on Saama, a 27 year old  elephant in the Alan Mathiniyaramaya Temple in Sri Lanka, being in need of veterinary care and the campaign for her to receive such care and be sent to a sanctuary.

Please sign the the petition.  Thank you.

Action Alert: Please Help Save the Nightingale from Extinction

The text below is from a Care2 petition to the UK Prime Minister. At the time of writing this post, the petition has been signed by 48,234 people – please add your name to the petition.  Thank you.


The survival of one of Britain’s most beautiful song birds – the nightingale – is under threat from developers. The UK population of the nightingale has declined by 91 per cent since the 1960s and the entire conservation scheme to save it is at risk because of a huge development on Lodge Hill, an area intrinsic to the survival of the bird.

Land Securities, the biggest property developer in Britain, has been given permission to build 5,000 homes, three primary schools, a nursing home and hotel on Ministry of Defense land at Lodge Hill, which was recently designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by Natural England, the government’s environmental protection agency.

Medway Council granted permission for the development despite strong opposition from local residents, a planning inspector, local councilors, as well as several leading environmental groups.

Lodge Hill, once used for bomb disposal training, features ancient woodland and rare grassland alongside ruined buildings that is home to 19 bat roosts, 10 badger setts as well as 84 singing male nightingales, more than 1 per cent of the UK population. The site is also home to the scarcest butterfly in Britain, the Duke of Burgundy, which is only found in 18 small areas of the country.

As part of mitigation plans, Land Securities propose to create alternative nightingale habitat on a 304-hectare site in Essex, located 14 miles north of Lodge Hill. However, there has never before been a successful relocation of nightingales. The bird migrates from Africa to their ancestral breeding grounds in Britain each spring – and there is there no evidence the birds will find the proposed Essex location.

Environmental groups believe the nightingales’ success on Lodge Hill may also be linked to the absence of deer, which destroy the undergrowth where nightingales nest. Deer are present around the proposed Essex mitigation site.

Lodge Hill needs to be preserved as a vital green space for the future of the nightingale as well as the other species that thrive in the area. Please sign and share the petition to help save the nightingales of Britain from extinction.

Action Alert: Please Help Free Arturo the Polar Bear

Please sign the petition to free Arturo the polar bear:

“Two years ago, Arturo’s long-time companion, a polar bear named Pelusa, died and he has since had not contact with other bears. In fact, Arturo is displaying many signs of depression and “abnormal behaviour,” baring his teeth while pacing and rocking from side to side.

On top of this, Arturo is living in extreme heat in Argentina. He has no opportunities to act as a normal polar bear and his only access to water is a pool 50cms deep. There is a real risk of death from hyperthermia for Arturo.”

Thank you.

Free Arturo, Argentina's Only Polar Bear, From Living Hell!

Free Arturo, Argentina’s Only Polar Bear, From Living Hell!

Action Alert: Please Help the Forgotten Romanian Horses

Please sign the Help the Forgotten Romanian Horses! petition:

“Romanian farmers own two or three horses, which carve a miserable existence throughout their entire life. They are being forced to work and being abused until death. The mentality of the farmers is to leave the animals outside during the cold winter, thirsty and hungry, arguing that a horse who does not work needs no food.
If they can no longer continue to run on from sheer exhaustion, their genitals are often hit or set on fire. As an EU country, Romania must be forced to put a bill through that obliges farmers to vaccinate, deworm, microchip the horses and provide for a reasonable accomodation, if they do not want to comply, they must be prohibited to keep horses. Frequent checks would urge these farmers to treat the horses with more compassion and respect. Animal cruelty should be punished with harsh emprisonment. No horse deserves to have to pull excessive heavy loads while being injured, being neglected, being abused, only to eventually end up in a slaughterhouse.
Please support our petition to make it possible that the terribly tortured horses in Romania get a better life.”

Thank you.

Action Alert: Demand that Unilever Donate Towards Rehabilitation/Care of TV Chimpanzee

This morning I received an e-mail notification from Care2 about a petition to help Choppers, one of the chimpanzees used in television adverts by PG Tips.  I found the story so sad that I had to try to help increase the petition’s number of signatures.

Demand that Unilever, owners of PG Tips, donate towards rehabilitation/care of TV chimpanzee

This is the petition’s overview:

In the 1970s PG Tips ran a series of very successful tv adverts featuring chimpanzees. One of these was Choppers. She is now a greying, lonely and broken 42-year-old chimp who has needed rehabilitation to help her learn to become a chimp again because she had become too humanised whilst making money for PG Tips, a tea company.

Choppers now lives at Twycross Zoo in England. Recently her chimp companion Louis, who had spent all his 37 years with Choppers, died, leaving her sad and bereft.

However, despite all the care and love given by the staff at Twycross to repair this traumatised chimp, Unilever, who own PG Tips, refuses to pay anything towards Choppers’ care.

Choppers was used in advertising over a number of years to make a great deal of money for the tea manufacturers, but now that she needs help they want nothing to do with her.

Please help Choppers by signing the petition and spreading the word. Thank you.

Action Alert: Please Help Free Lolita

Following on from my Action Alert: Save Lolita posting, Care2 reports that Lolita’s freedom is one step closer with an announcement by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Marine Fisheries Service that it has accepted a petition filed by the Animal Legal Defence Fund, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the Orca Network, and individuals to extend Endangered Species Act protection to Lolita.

Please sign the petition supporting Lolita’s freedom.  Thank you.