Chicken Catching December 2014

There really is no excuse for treating animals in the way shown in the Animal Aid video below. I continue to wonder how this country is considered a nation of animal lovers when animals are kept in such conditions and treated so badly.


Action Alert: Rio+20 – Farm Animals

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is running a campaign to convince the Secretary of State for Defra, Caroline Spelman, that farm animal welfare needs to be on the agenda at the UN Earth Summit in Rio.  Please support the campaign and, if you have time, let Prime Minister David Cameron know how you feel about farm animal welfare.  Thank you.

Action Alert: Barren Battery Cage Ban

The EU ban on barren battery cages for chickens came into effect on 1st January 2012, however, millions of hens across Europe are still living in illegal cages, with one of the worst nations in terms of non-compliance with the ban being Italy; according to Compassion in World Farming, industry estimates show that non-compliance with the ban may be at least 41%: equivalent to tens of millions of Italian hens suffering every day in these inhumane and cramped conditions.

Please show your support for the ban (and CIWF’s campaign) by writing to the appropriate Italian minister.  Thank you.

CIWF's Big Move Campaign

CIWF has also learned that, despite having twelve years to prepare for the ban, there are 30 egg producers in the UK who are non-compliant.  Please show your support for the ban by writing to DEFRA.  Thank you.

DEFRA promised those cages would be outlawed - It's not us who should be locked up

Factory Farming

Compassion in World Farming has launched a new video project, A Compassionate World.  The first video is shown below and these are the future releases:

  • Threatens the future of our food (launching Monday, 8th August);
  • Risks our health (launching Monday, 15th August);
  • Needs compassion (launching Monday, 22nd August); and
  • How we can end factory farming by 2050 (launching Monday, 29th August).

Even if factory farming was beneficial to humans and the environment, there would still be no justification for treating animals in such a way.