How Wolves Change Rivers

I came across the video below on the Wolf Conservation Centre web site.  The video shows an excellent example of the interconnectedness of nature.

“What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” Petra Kelly



Below is an excellent short video about the impact of predators on ecosystems.  The Mongabay news item Wolves Boost Food for Yellowstone’s Threatened Grizzlies is also worth reading, as is Yale Environment 360’s analysis The Crucial Role of Predators: A New Perspective on Ecology.

Please Consider Reindeer at Christmas

Animal Aid is requesting people boycott events involving live reindeer:

According to research at the Veterinary Laboratories Agency, bad diet, exposure to diseases from British farmed animals, and
the stress of being removed from their natural environment has contributed to the recent increase in deaths in young reindeer.

Reindeer are also captive-bred in the UK specifically to be used in seasonal events and are typically kept in unsuitable conditions, completely different from their natural habitat.

Reindeer are used to roaming the tundra and eating lichen, not living on farms and being paraded around shopping centres.

Action Alert: Stop the Painful Slaughter of Deer in Scotland

According to a Care2 petition,  Scottish Natural Heritage is allowing amateur hunters to take part in deer culls with the result that a number of deer are injured, rather than killed, and left to die a slow, painful death; in addition, many fawns are being left orphaned because the amateur hunters have shot their mothers.

Regardless of your opinion about the culling of deer (as this is an “action alert”, I will not go into my views on the topic in this posting), the animal welfare issue created by the amateur hunters should not be ignored, therefore, please sign the petition telling Scottish Natural Heritage not to allow such hunters to cull deer.  Thank you.

Action Alert: The Annual Christmas Reindeer Slaughter

A recent WSPA investigation has exposed the suffering inflicted on herds of reindeer as they are rounded up, transported and slaughtered for their meat in Sweden and Finland.

Even if you do not watch the video below, please sign WSPA’s letter calling on members of the Nordic Council of Ministers to uphold the Växjö Declaration and enforce existing animal welfare laws. Thank you.

CAUTION: the suffering visible in the video below is not easy to watch