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Here are a few of the topics in this week’s newsletter:


New Zealand Opens up Park for Oil and Gas exploration

The New Zealand government is opening up over 4,600 square kilometres of conservation land for oil and gas exploration.  The land includes almost all of Victoria Forest Park, the largest forest park of its type in the country.  Apparently, the Energy Minister did not realise he has opened up conservation land for oil and gas exploration.

ALERT – New Zealand Opens up Park for Oil and Gas Exploration

How Wolves Change Rivers

I came across the video below on the Wolf Conservation Centre web site.  The video shows an excellent example of the interconnectedness of nature.

“What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” Petra Kelly

Action Alert: Please Help Protect the Leuser Ecosystem

I have just received an e-mail from the Sumatran Orangutan Society  regarding “plans to carve up the irreplaceable Leuser Ecosystem with new roads, plantations and gold mines.”  The web site’s related campaign page, Conservation Emergency in Aceh, Sumatra, states:

Earlier this year, more than a million people around the world signed a petition calling on the Governor of Aceh province in Sumatra to abandon plans to carve up the irreplaceable Leuser Ecosystem with new roads, plantations and gold mines. These forests are the last stronghold for Sumatran orangutans, tigers elephants and rhinos, as well as providing crucial ecological services to more than 4 million people in Aceh.

Campaigners in Sumatra have been working around the clock all year to delay the plans until such time as the Aceh government could be convinced to re-consider. It has now become apparent that the decision will be made this month – so we only have a matter of days to ensure that the new spatial plan for Aceh is rejected.

And asks:
ACT NOW: Please sign the petition today, and please ask everyone in your networks to do the same.

Please sign the petition and spread the word. Thank you.

AMAZING! Orangutan Asks Girl for Help in Sign Language

As I have posted a lot of videos recently I did not want to post another one today, however, I found the video below so moving that I had to include it in a posting.