First-ever Photos of a Wild Lion Nursing a Leopard Cub

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Cheetahs Return to Malawi

Mongabay reports that earlier this month African Parks, the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Malawi’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife flew four African cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) from South Africa and reintroduced them to Liwonde National Park in southern Malawi. Cheetahs in Malawi have been extinct for nearly 20 years.

A Cheetah is released into a boma at Liwonde National Park as part of the translocation to restore predators to the park. Photo by African Parks / Frank Weitzer.


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Rare Amur Tigress With Three Cubs Caught on Camera

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Malayan Tiger Population Plunges to Just 250-340 Individuals

Mongabay reports very concerning news that Malaysia is on the edge of losing its tigers, and the world is one step nearer to losing another tiger subspecies: the Malayan tiger.

Camera trap surveys from 2010-2013 have estimated that only 250-340 Malayan tigers remain, potentially a halving of the previous estimate of 500 individuals.

Malayan tiger. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler.

Malayan tiger. Photograph by: Rhett A. Butler.

In 2008, Malaysia committed to doubling its tiger population to 1,000 animals by 2020 but will that now be possible given the reduction in the number of tigers?

Lions Face Extinction in West Africa

The plight of the West African Lion has received some coverage (from Mongabay and National Geographic for example – but not, sadly, from mainstream media) and the graphic below sums up the situation.  According to the Mongabay report, “Booming human populations, expanding livestock herds, declining prey populations due to habitat loss and poaching, and a potent mix of poverty and underfunded parks have pushed the West African lion to the brink.” West African lions have lost a staggering 98.9% of their historical range.

Distribution map of the last surviving West African lions. Graph courtesy of Panthera.

Distribution map of the last surviving West African lions. Graph courtesy of Panthera.